Mead, Wine and Gifts

Antigo, Wisconsin

Honey Mead

The ‘old’ ‘new’ wine.

What is it?
Honey Mead is an alcoholic beverage derived from fermented honey and other added ingredients (herbs/spices/berries, etc.), if desired. Its production is similar to wine with a higher alcohol content and it has an appearance similar to beer.

What was it?
The characteristics of mead land somewhere wine and beer. It’s process is similar to producing wine, it looks similar to beer, but mead has its own unique taste. Thou mead is not well known to the modern-day person, it is said that honey mead is the oldest known alcoholic beverage. Hence the ‘old’ ‘new’ wine.

Cinnamon Clove

Due to fermenting time, not all wines are available at all times.  Please call ahead for current availability.